Tech Enthusiast

Tech Enthusiast And Hobby Writer

I’m a tech enthusiast and hobby writer with an interest in simple electronics, computers and ham radio.

I’ve been interested in computers for around 30 years and remember buying my first desktop PC back in the early 90s, it was a Goldstar 286 with a processor speed of 12 Mhz.

I seem to remember that the operating system was Microsoft MSDOS 6.0 or 6.22 and Windows 3.0. At the time, it seemed incredible and I’ve been a tech enthusiast ever since.

I’ve also recently bought myself an Arduino Uno microcontroller board and am learning how to programme it.

Tech Enthusiast And Hobby Writer
Arduino Uno Microcontroller

I’ve got as far as lighting up LEDs in sequence but it’s fun to play around with Arduino sketches.

Some neopixels have also been ordered so I will get those connected as and when.

I think I’ll need to learn a bit more about programming though because they seem to work in a different way to standard LEDs.

I’m also a licensed radio ham (amateur) and qualified back in the early 90s, after going to evening classes and passing the RAE.

I used to be fairly active on VHF and the amateur packet radio network. Sadly, I don’t live in a very good location for RF now.

However, there is a DMR repeater sited at my local hospital so I do have some UHF comms if needed.

Tech Enthusiast And Hobby Writer

When I’m not tinkering with technology, I like to write short articles about anything and everything.

I became a hobby writer a couple of years about and thoroughly enjoy writing. By being a hobby writer, I don’t mean that it’s about my interests, more that I don’t do it for money.

For some bloggers, it’s a way of earning a living but that’s not why I do it, it’s just for fun and enjoyment.

Thanks for reading, Andy Watts, tech enthusiast and hobby writer