Retirement Salisbury

A typical day in retirement

A typical day in retirement starts with the alarm clock going off at 7am. I may have given up working for a living but I still have things to do including walking my dog 4 times a day.

A Typical Day In Retirement

Once I’ve used the bathroom and filled the kettle, it’s time to feed my dog. She’s a fairly elderly greyhound who doesn’t do a lot but will move when there’s food 🙂

Once I’ve made coffee, it’s time to sit down and see what’s happening on Facebook. I usually have a chat with a couple of retired friends on there and find out what’s happening.

One I’ve finished a short chat and checked my emails, it’s time for a shower.

It’s then time for the first dog walk of the day. I live on the edge on a small city, famous for being the home of Salisbury Cathedral, and there are some lovely walks in the area.

Once that’s done, it’s time for my bowl of cereal and to have a look at the news online. I don’t watch datime TV so this is my way of finding out what’s happening in the world.

At around 10.00, my good lady comes over for coffee and a chat. This is often when we decide what to do in the afternoon, be it a drive in the countryside to do some shopping.

So far, this has been a typical day in retirement

After that, I might do a little writing if I’m in the mood, I’m what you might call an occasional blogger and enjoy coming up with articles. It’s a hobby that I decided to take up when I retired.

After both the dog and I get fed, it’s off for another walk, probably by the river at Lower Bemerton. There are usually some swans on the river along with some Canada geese, and, I might even be lucky enough to see a heron.

In the afternoon, I walk to my good lady’s house and we’ll usually go for a drive. She’s retired as well so we have plenty of time available.

I walk my dog again at about 3.45pm and head back home to my retirement flat…

I used to run a small business in Salisbury but closed it down during the Covid-19 pandemic. At about the some time, a retirement apartment (for the over 55s) became available so I jumped at the chance.

Anyway, after I’ve had some dinner, at about 18.30, another outing with the greyhound and that’s her for the day.

That, my friends, is typical day in retirement for me..

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