Andy Watts

I’m Andy Watts and I live in the beautiful Cathedral City of Salisbury in the United Kingdom, not far from Stonehenge. It’s a wonderful place to live and a very popular tourist destination.

Andy Watts

I moved here over 10 years ago after having spent most of my life in the Southampton area.

Salisbury Computer repairs

I started a small business called Salisbury Computer Repairs not long after moving here. There was a spare bedroom at home that was going to be suitable as an office and workshop.

Once I’d started to advertise, I got a steady flow of people who were having PC problems and it didn’t take long to get going.

The work was really enjoyable and it was nice to see some smiles when I presented a working computer to one of the local residents.

Windows XP was the popular operating system when I started. It was good and many people got very used to it. Once their computers reached end of life, some did struggle with the idea of something different.

I was always happy to help as much as I could, though. Technology moves forward and I’m afraid that we have to adapt..

I closed the business during the Covid-19 lockdown, as did many businesses, and decided it was time to think about the future.

As luck would have it, I was offered to opportunity to move into a retirement flat as around the same time.

Much thinking was carried out. It was time for change. I took up the offer and moved.

It was no longer practical to operate a home based business in a small flat. I took the decision to close Salisbury Computer repairs. Early retirement was an option so I took it!.

More About Andy Watts

When I took early retirement, I knew that i would need to find something interesting to do in my spare time. I needed a new hobby.

I decided that writing would be a good way to spend some time. I’m certainly not a natural writer but I’ve managed to put some articles together.

Whether anyone reads my blog posts is another matter 🙂